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Mentally preparing for competition is key to sustaining sport success and enjoyment. Sport Psychologist, Dr. Greene uses the latest research findings to devise practical strategies for individual athletes, coaches, and teams. He brings an in-depth knowledge of the mental strategies of high-performing athletes to young competitors and seasoned professionals alike.

Although competitive athletes work tirelessly on fine-tuning their skills, timing, and coordination, many still need to improve their levels of self-awareness and resilience to realize their athletic dreams. Athletes seek out Dr. Greene for help creating a mental game plan that they come to see can be applied to life on and off the field.

Parents whose son or daughter needs help managing the pressures of today’s competitive sports world appreciate Dr. Greene’s combined expertise in sport and psychology. Dr. Greene’s ability to connect with the teenage and college athletes and provide a setting to speak confidentially about their lives and their sport makes Dr. Greene one of the most sought after sport psychologists in the country.

Our Approach

Dr. Greene uses a short-term consultation model that enables athletes and coaches to quickly master mental strategies that are immediately ready to be put into action. Characteristic of his approach is the close working relationship he develops with individual clients. This allows Dr. Greene to tailor his recommendations to each person’s unique performance level, learning style, and sport goals. Dr. Greene encourages his clients to view him as another coach whose advice targets how to maximize on-the-court performance by minimizing mental mistakes. Dr. Greene recognizes that each athlete has his/her own individual strengths and struggles, but quite commonly athletes/coaches consult with Dr. Greene when they feel weighed down by the pressure and expectations that come with increased success.

Dr. Greene uses consultations on the field, and audio/video technology to augment office meetings and bring strategy sessions to life.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Issues of Confidence
  • Managing High-Performance Pressure
  • Peak Performance Preparation
  • Problems of Overthinking
  • College Recruiting

  • Goal Setting
  • Anxiety Management
  • Reacting to Mistakes
  • Perfectionistic Thinking
  • Balancing Sports, School, and Friendships

  • Parent-Athlete-Coach Communication Problems
  • Sport Burnout
  • Concussion Management
  • Recovering from Injury


  • Individual Consultation

    Think of a sport psychologist as an additional coach, who provides an athlete the opportunity to work through their mental approach to their sport. Dr. Greene typically meets with clients for one-hour. We see clients 10 years of age and older. Teenagers often spend most of the first session talking alone with Dr. Greene, unless they are more comfortable having a parent join them for the session. Please e-mail Dr. Greene for specific information about pricing for sessions. Skype and phone appointments are also available as part of the On-Line Sport Psych Coaching.

  • Group Consultation

    Dr. Greene and his staff run several groups throughout the year ranging from Mental Skills Training for High School Athletes to Mindfulness for Athletes. We also specialize in running groups for sports parents. For more information on upcoming groups, please contact Dr. Greene.

  • Workshops & Presentations

    Dr. Greene and his staff enjoy speaking around the country on topics such as sport mental skills development, sport parenting, injury recovery, and the mental health of high school and college athletes. For more information on workshop and presentations.

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Let's Talk

It may be difficult to take the first step and contact a sport psychologist. However, the consensus is that athletes at every level of sport benefit from having someone who can help them develop the grit and composure necessary to compete to the best of their own abilities. If you are not sure how sport psychology work can help you or your athlete, just reach out to us and we can discuss the pros and cons of incorporating mental skills training into their current sport program.

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