The Mindfulness Program at Greenepsych

Our fast-paced lives make it virtually impossible to sustain focus, express gratitude, visualize success, and think optimistically. Quiet time, like morning coffee and bedtime, are often interrupted by incoming texts, FB posts, tweets, and ever-breaking political news. It’s no wonder we tend to think and feel like we can’t keep up, and can’t ever get enough sleep.

At GREENEPSYCH, we recognize that taking care of ourselves is often secondary to taking care of everything and everyone.

Under the guidance of Dr. Mitchell Greene, and under the direction of counselor and meditation coach Nina Rizzo, Greenepsych is pleased to offer mindfulness instruction to teenagers, student-athletes, sports teams, and individual adults.

Who Can Benefit From Mindfulness Training?


Mindfulness for Athletes

Are your thoughts too negative during competition?

Are you too focused on the future that you struggle to perform in the moment?

Does balancing sports and school feel like too much for you to handle?

Are you constantly stressed and need to learn new ways to calm yourself down?


Mindfulness for Everyone

Are you having racing thoughts?

Does worry and anxiety overwhelm you so you can't get enough rest?

Do the changes in your life make you fearful of the future?

Is an addiction towards alcohol, food, or sex making you feel out of control?

Get Started

5 Sessions

  • Investing in a coach to learn how to let thoughts come and go, and how to breathe optimally to sustain a sense of calm, is the best gift you can give yourself. We find that people greatly benefit from mindfulness strategies to manage the daily chatter that distracts them from their goals, and from finding the joy in their relationships.
  • In 5, one-hour private meetings with Nina, you will learn the fundamentals of meditation. You will gain a sense of empowerment by learning proper breathing techniques, ways to unstick yourself from negative thinking, and how to refocus on goals that have felt just out of your reach.
  • Discount of $10 per session

Mindfulness Program @ Greenepsych

10 Sessions

  • The uncertainty of the future contributes to anxiety, irregular breathing patterns and negative thinking. Nina will instruct you on how to slow down your breathing, and gain perspective over your mind chatter. In turn, your frustration levels will lower, your sleep will improve, and you can start your day with a clearer mind.
  • In this 10-session course, Nina will go beyond the fundamentals and teach you how to sustain a sense of control over the mind’s tendency to fight the present, resist change, and over-care about the future. Great for those who are ready to make permanent changes in how they think.
  • Discount of $15 per session

Mindfulness Program @ Greenepsych

“There is something about Nina’s meditations that allows me to go deep and explore my emotions in a way that feels safe and supportive. It is truly healing” Jen

Meet Nina

Nina Rizzo, counselor and Mindfulness coach, is the Director of Greenepsych’s Mindfulness Meditation Program. Nina is a Certified Meditation Teacher through Lifestyle Meditation and is certified in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction through Jefferson University. Nina is also a 200 Hour Registered Yoga Instructor through Yoga Alliance, and is finishing up her Masters at La Salle University and working toward her LPC.

Nina, a former Division I athlete, has experience working with a diverse clientele – from youth to adult athletes, to those struggling with mental health and substance abuse, to everyday people dealing with normal daily stressors. Nina is known as “the little buddha,” and teaches yoga and meditation classes throughout the Philadelphia area. Nina’s clients often say they leave her sessions saying they feel focused, relaxed, connected to their spirit, and empowered.