Recent Peak Performance and Mental Health workshops conducted by Milly:

The Shipley School:  Leadership and Managing Stress

NXT Lacrosse Academy:  Handling nerves in lacrosse and THE GRIND

Hope for Hallie:  Perfectionism and Managing Expectations

Villanova University: Goal setting, Stress management, Balance and Burnout, Support Systems and Teamwork, Confidence, Anxiety and Optimal Performance.

Milly Routledge

Milly Routledge is a Counseling Intern at Greenepsych and also completing her Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Villanova University. 

At Greenepsych, Milly provides individual and team counseling sessions to athletes and coaches. Her aim is to encourage athletes to take the initiative to ask for help to take better care of themselves, both physically and mentally. Athletes who are looking to improve their performances and/or need to better understand how to manage their emotions, will find working with Milly to be of great benefit.   

As a Greenepsych Mental Health Ambassador, Milly will be providing social media posts and blogs about her own sport and mental health experiences. Be sure to check out our News Page or Instagram for more information.

As the most decorated Big East swimmer in history, a 25-time Big East champion and 5th year student-athlete, Milly finished her career on the Villanova University Women’s Swimming & Diving team in 2022. Milly has first-hand experience of the psychological and physical demands of competing at the highest level of college sports. (You can read an article about Milly’s swim career to date here).

Milly graduated cum laude with a B.A. in Psychology from Villanova, and commits extra time to working with athletes on ‘the mental side of sports.’ Milly has been responsible for several ground-breaking mental health initiatives at Villanova to raise awareness and provide better psychological support and resources for student-athletes.  

Originally from Ascot in the UK, Milly travelled 3,500 miles to pursue her ambitious athletic and academic goals at Villanova. Milly is pursuing a career in Sports Psychology with the ultimate goal of earning a Doctorate in Psychology and working directly with student-athletes to help them better understand their mental health and the impact it has on their performances.  

To find out more information about how Milly can help or to set up an appointment, please call (484) 381-0490 or email Milly at