Recent workshops conducted by Lauren:

USA Rugby 2018 National Development Summit: Become Your Best Performer: Managing Anxiety and Communicating Effectively

Vail Ski & Snowboard Academy – 2019 For Parents of Elite Athletes: Supporting Your Child With The Growth Mindset

Vail Ski & Snowboard Academy – 2019 for all student- athletes: Managing Anxiety and Performing At Your Peak.

Lauren Ruhl, LPC, CSCS

Lauren has joined the Greenepsych team as a Licensed Professional Counselor and sport psychology consultant. A former collegiate athlete, Lauren found her career path in helping others after suffering a season-ending injury in college.

Lauren provides individual and small group mental skills training for athletes/sport parents, teams, and coaches as well as working individually with clients, from elementary to post-college age, on issues such as:

• Performance Anxiety
• Generalized Anxiety
• Perfectionism
• Eating Disorders
• Depression
• Sport Burn-out
• The loss of sport season(s)
• Academic Stress
• Recovering from Injury/Returning to Sport*
• Enhancing confidence
• Focus/Concentration
• Communication issues between parent-child and/or player-coach

*read below for more information on Lauren’s work with injured athletes

Particularly during COVID-19, Lauren is available for mental health consultations through telehealth. She works with all ages. She is finding clients feel better when they can talk about the disruptions and fear caused by the pandemic. Lauren is skilled at helping people cope better with issues of anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, unhealthy eating, and post-college (post-sport) life transitions, as well as the loss of their sport season(s).

*Lauren’s specialty in working with athletes who have suffered an injury comes from her own experience as a college basketball player who suffered a season ending injury: ACL, MCL and meniscal tear. Lauren knows through her work on her own mental game how much her rehabilitation was tied to her developing a strong, resilient mindset.

Through one-on-one consultation and biofeedback technology, Lauren helps her rehabbing clients develop the tools to increase pain tolerance, decrease stress and anxiety levels, cope with isolation and identity issues, and develop better mental coping skills. Lauren’s main objective is to support her clients in returning to their sport confident that their mind and body are ready to go.

Lauren received her Master’s Degree at the University of Denver in Sport & Performance Psychology. She lived in Vail, Colorado for four years, where she worked with several athletic teams, (i.e., snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking, golfing, basketball, and soccer).

In her spare time, Lauren stays very active by going to the gym, cycling, and hiking. She additionally enjoys creating artwork, spending time with her family and friends, coaching youth basketball, and playing with her adorable kitten, Gritty.

To make an appointment or to hear more about the services Lauren has to offer, please email her at or by phone at (484) 854-3446.