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It’s been easy to get caught up in the swell of excitement surrounding the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. Human-interest stories profiling participants showcase their grit, amazing physical strength and skill, and hard knocks they’ve had to stomach and surmount. Surely it takes a special mindset to prepare and compete at this elite level. For that matter, it takes a special disposition to push hard whether you’re in youth sports or in an adult recreational league. Guest host Jennifer Lynn explores the psychological side of sports throughout the life cycle — what’s behind our passion to compete and desire to push our bodies so, and what holds us back or inspires us? Guests include psychologists Joel Fish and Mitchell Greene.

Joel Fish is director for The Center for Sports Psychology in Philadelphia. He’s the author of “101 Ways to be a Terrific Sports Parent” and has worked extensively with athletes from youth sport through the Olympic and professional ranks.Mitchell Greene is a clinical and sport psychologist. He’s the sport psychology consultant to the Philadelphia Triathlon, SheRox Triathlon Series, Mid-Atlantic Multisport, and The Hill School’s Athletic Department. He is also a contributing columnist for USA Triathlon.

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