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Mitchell Greene, Ph.D.

Dr. Mitchell Greene is a leading licensed clinical and sport psychologist, whose success over the past 15 plus years is his ability to tailor personalized solutions to his client’s problems. Dr. Greene works primarily with athletes pursuing high performance goals, or coaches and athletic departments looking to educate their student-athletes on mental health and performance enhancement strategies.

Typical clients are either college (or college-bound) student-athletes or elite or pro level competitors.

The most common areas of concern:
o Lapses in Confidence
o Mental Setbacks from Injury
o Sub-Par Performances in Games/Tournaments
o Difficulty Setting and Meeting Goals
o Problems Sustaining a Competitive Mindset
o Anxiety and Other Mental Health Issues
o Reacting Negatively to Mistakes
o Player-Coach Communication Concerns

Dr. Greene also provides workshops for teams and coaches on peak performance strategies and mental health awareness.

Sports coaches and teams appreciate Dr. Greene’s ability to make specific, practical suggestions to improve communication, build self-awareness, and establish goal-focused practice and game-day habits.

Examples of workshop topics include:
o Building a Culture of Unity
o Maximizing Practice to Learn and Grow
o Setting Goals to Improve Focus and Performance
o The Keys to Managing Mind Chatter
o Why Confidence is Overrated

To see recent workshops, please visit the workshops page of the website.

Dr. Greene is an Adjunct Instructor in Temple University’s College of Public Health, a contributing columnist for USA Triathlon, and the sport psychology consultant to several athletic departments, endurance coaches and national race series. The breadth of Dr. Greene’s clinical expertise and the energy and focus he brings to his relationships with athletes, coaches and teams makes Dr. Greene perfectly suited to advise and support his clients as they strive (and help others strive) to reach their personal best.

Dr. Greene’s articles, book chapters, blog posts, podcasts, workshops and presentations have reached audiences from a wide range of sports, including basketball, squash, lacrosse, softball, tennis, football, figure skating, fencing, gymnastics, triathlon, track, and cross country.

Dr. Greene is married with three children and received his undergraduate degree in psychology and human resources management from Boston College, and his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Temple University. Dr. Greene also spent an additional fellowship year at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, specializing in family therapy.

Dr. Greene is very active in endurance sports, such as marathon running, triathlons and adventure racing.

Recent workshops conducted by Lauren:

USA Rugby 2018 National Development Summit: Become Your Best Performer: Managing Anxiety and Communicating Effectively

Vail Ski & Snowboard Academy - 2019 For Parents of Elite Athletes: Supporting Your Child With The Growth Mindset

Vail Ski & Snowboard Academy - 2019 for all student- athletes: Managing Anxiety and Performing At Your Peak.

Lauren Ruhl, LPC, CSCS

Lauren has joined the Greenepsych team as a Licensed Professional Counselor and sport psychology consultant. A former collegiate athlete, Lauren found her career path in helping others after suffering a season-ending injury in college.

Lauren provides individual and small group mental skills training for athletes/sport parents, teams, and coaches as well as working individually with clients, from elementary to post-college age, on issues such as:

• Performance Anxiety
• Generalized Anxiety
• Perfectionism
• Eating Disorders
• Depression
• Sport Burn-out
• The loss of sport season(s)
• Academic Stress
• Recovering from Injury/Returning to Sport*
• Enhancing confidence
• Focus/Concentration
• Communication issues between parent-child and/or player-coach

*read below for more information on Lauren’s work with injured athletes

Particularly during COVID-19, Lauren is available for mental health consultations through telehealth. She works with all ages. She is finding clients feel better when they can talk about the disruptions and fear caused by the pandemic. Lauren is skilled at helping people cope better with issues of anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, unhealthy eating, and post-college (post-sport) life transitions, as well as the loss of their sport season(s).

*Lauren’s specialty in working with athletes who have suffered an injury comes from her own experience as a college basketball player who suffered a season ending injury: ACL, MCL and meniscal tear. Lauren knows through her work on her own mental game how much her rehabilitation was tied to her developing a strong, resilient mindset.

Through one-on-one consultation and biofeedback technology, Lauren helps her rehabbing clients develop the tools to increase pain tolerance, decrease stress and anxiety levels, cope with isolation and identity issues, and develop better mental coping skills. Lauren’s main objective is to support her clients in returning to their sport confident that their mind and body are ready to go.

Lauren received her Master’s Degree at the University of Denver in Sport & Performance Psychology. She lived in Vail, Colorado for four years, where she worked with several athletic teams, (i.e., snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking, golfing, basketball, and soccer).

In her spare time, Lauren stays very active by going to the gym, cycling, and hiking. She additionally enjoys creating artwork, spending time with her family and friends, coaching youth basketball, and playing with her adorable kitten, Gritty.

To make an appointment or to hear more about the services Lauren has to offer, please email her at lauren@greenepsych.com or by phone at (484) 854-3446.

Michael Sachs, Ph.D.

Michael Sachs, Ph.D., CMPC, is our newest Consultant at Greenepsych, joining us after a 30-year teaching career at Temple University. Dr. Sachs is a Past-President of both the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) and Division 47, the Society for Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology, of the American Psychological Association (APA). He is a Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC) with AASP.

Dr. Sachs specializes in exercise psychology, especially individual adherence to programs of exercise and physical activity (are you sticking with your exercise program?). We are thrilled that Dr. Sachs will be offering several programs at Greenepsych, including a sport psychology training program for college students interested in a career in sport psychology and, along with Dr. Greene, he will be rolling out a program for established (and aspiring) clinicians interested in expanding their scope of practice to include sport psychology.  

Dr. Sachs is a Professor Emeritus in the Department of Kinesiology at Temple University, Philadelphia, PA. He is currently a Senior Vice President at athletic4ever, which provides physiological, psychological, and integrative nutritional information and consulting to support those who want to retain their athletic identity through all phases of their lives and for those who want to remain athletically functioning into their 90s.

His bachelor’s degree in psychology is from Union College (NY), and he has two master’s degrees – one in general experimental psychology from Hollins College (VA) and one in counseling psychology from Loyola University (MD).  He received his Ph.D. in sport psychology from Florida State University. Dr. Sachs is co-author with Dr. Bruce Cohen of the book, Excusercise, Inexcusable Exercise Excuses for not Exercising, developed to help individuals counter excuses for not exercising.

Dr. Sachs is co-editor of the recently published Performance Excellence: Stories of Success From the Real World of Sport and Exercise Psychology (with Lauren Tashman and Selen Razon). He is also a co-editor of Applied Exercise Psychology:  The Challenging Journey From Motivation to Adherence, and is associate editor of Psychology of Running and coeditor of Running as Therapy: An Integrated Approach.  He co-wrote The Total Sports Experience for Kids: A Parents' Guide to Success in Youth Sports. He is also a co-editor of the Directory of Graduate Programs in Applied Sport Psychology (published by AASP - the Association for Applied Sport Psychology).  Dr. Sachs has written or co-authored numerous book chapters, academic articles on various topics within exercise and sport psychology, and articles on the psychology of running in popular publications.

He enjoys exercising, particularly running and swimming, and has run two marathons: the Joe Steele Rocket City Marathon (Huntsville, AL) and the New York City Marathon.

To reach Dr. Sachs or schedule an appointment with him, please call him at 484-367-5428 or email him at msachs@greenepsych.com. 

Nina Rizzo, M.A.

A friend and colleague of Greenepsych, Nina is a highly trained healer with a decade of experience in the mental health and wellness field. She received her Master’s in Clinical Counseling Psychology from La Salle University, and is a Certified Meditation and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Teacher. Nina is also a Reiki Level I certified practitioner, and a 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance.

Nina’s passion for her work in the healing field was ignited after having to end her career as a college athlete because of injury. Throughout her healing process, she was introduced to yoga and mindfulness and experienced a massive transformation in mind, body and spirit. Since then, Nina has dedicated her work to helping athletes and non-athletes heal by integrating these and similar holistic modalities into her work.

At Greenepsych Nina’s services include:

Introduction to Meditation for Athletes (and non-athletes)

Introduction to Yoga for Athletes (and non-athletes)

Holistic Self-Care for Athletes (and non-athletes)

*Nina offers individual sessions and discounted packages

To schedule a consultation, and to find out about fees, with Nina please email her at ninarizz44@gmail.com or call her at 610-405-5456.

Nina loves exercise, spending time in nature, traveling and writing. She founded “e.d.Om yoga” in 2018 - an hour-long fusion of electronic dance music and yoga, which she teaches at various studios across the Philadelphia area. She believes that sound is a powerful healing tool and weaves it into much of her work. 

Nina currently works as a Holistic Practitioner and Yoga Instructor for a Behavioral Health company and works independently as a coach and consultant for Greenepsych, where she weaves all of her training together to help her clients heal, grow and transform mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Pearce Cucchissi

Pearce Cucchissi is joining Greenepsych as a Performance Enhancement specialist. Pearce has been working alongside the staff at Greenepsych to help collegiate teams build a better culture, develop a disciplined mindset, set goals that count and develop on-the-field mental toughness.

Pearce is a former Army Ranger and collegiate rugby player who spent his entire military career within US Army Special Operations at 1st Ranger Battalion. He has trained and advised hundreds of Americans and Foreign special operations forces for combat. After multiple years of combat deployments to Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan, Pearce has returned to the US to help high performers unlock their full potential through a holistic approach to achieving an optimized state. Pearce is dedicated to helping others free themselves from limitations.

Pearce works with athletes, corporate teams, entrepreneurs, and special operations candidates, to unlock their peak mental, physical, and emotional states. His work directly targets the blockages that hold us back from performance gains.

Pearce recognizes that many of the teachings from his the military experience translate directly to overall human function and everyday living. He wants to help people develop the habits of an elite warrior.

Pearce is available to speak to your team or organization, as well as provide small group workshops, and one-on-one coaching.

Areas Of Expertise

• Stress mitigation
• Relationship with fear
• Physical performance/optimization
• Mental health/performance
• Motivation
• Team cohesion
• Leadership

Becky O'Hara

Becky joined Dr. Greene in 2015 as his Office Manager handling scheduling and billing.

Becky received her B.A. in Liberal Arts from The Pennsylvania State University. Her career in customer service and office administration began at a Fortune 500 company, where she was promoted to Director of Service & Administration. After a brief hiatus as a stay-at-home mom she is happy to be back in a customer service role now with Greenepsych.

Becky spends her free time reading, rucking, hiking or biking with her husband and two children.

For scheduling or billing questions, please email Becky at "becky at greenepsych dot com".

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